Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So if making the red velvet cuppycakes weren't deadly enough...I decided this afternoon I wanted to try the ever so raved about HI HAT CUPCAKES. These were featured on Martha Stewart on cupcake week, and so I used the recipe from her website, which I believe is from the book, "Cupcakes".

I made about a dozen regular sized cupcakes, and made minis with the rest of the batter...if I only knew then what I know now, I would have only made you'll read why later.

The cupcakes turned out great.

It was on to the icing. This requires about 15 minutes total of electric mixer strength in the arms...OUCH! My arms are still burning. PLUS...I had my 16 pound baby in the other arm half the time trying to do this while holding her...she was a bit fussy! Anyways, I think the icing turned out ok....not sure if maybe it should have been a little stiffer, since I ran into problems later on.

I went ahead and frosted the minis, and then the regular cupcakes....aren't they cute?! They reminded me of little Dairy Queen ice cream cones!

Then it was off to the fridge while i melted the chocolate dipping sauce.

I also think the chocolate could have been a little thinner, but didn't want to add anymore oil as these little puppies were going to be packed full of enough fat and calories...

After letting the chocolate cool for 15 minutes, I grabbed a mini that had been setting in the fridge all this time, and dunked it in the chocolate. Out came an oozing dripping glob of marshmallow-y goop falling off the cupcake and almost back into the bowl of chocolate. Hmmm? So it was into the freezer with the cupcakes.....

The freezer helped a little...but the icing swirls still softened up when I dunked them into the chocolate sauce....too bad, because the swirls made for a cute cupcake! So the tops look like one big mound, instead of a tall Dairy Queen swirl mountain!

So, even though I was not completely satisfied with the final look of the cupcakes, I was happy that I was atleast able to get them covered in chocolate!

And as for the taste...holy cow! SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR! I split a big cupcake in half and could hardly get one half was so sweet. DELICIOUS...but very sugary and sweet! That is why I wish I would have done ONLY minis. Now I know!

We have playgroup tomorrow, so I'll be taking a plate of minis to share with the girls..and all the big ones and what ever is left of the guessed it...are going to the hangar with my husband for the marines!

I think next time maybe I'll try these out with just plain old buttercream icing that I use on all my regular cupcakes. Then that way they won't be so sweet. And, I think they would freeze harder so that i could get a prettier chocolate coating! But I won't be making these again for a while. The sugar from just eating half of one of these is going to keep me up for days!!!

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Megan said...

Holy cow! I made these and the icing slid right off, similar to the problems you had. I beat it really well, so I don't know how they did it!!