Friday, May 2, 2008

Cutest Little Brownie Bites

I've had a brownie mix in my pantry for months now and thought today would be the perfect day to bake them up. We are having some friends of ours over tonight and they have two little I thought my kids and I would have fun putting these things together.

My son, Trevor, helped me with the brownies...
We made an 8x8 pan of brownies and once they cooled, I cut them into 16 little bite size (or a little bigger than bite size) pieces and set them on a plate.

Then I recruited my daughter, McKenzie, to help me make some really fun chocolate transfers! I have never really done this before, but man can you let your imagination run wild when you make these! You can pretty much make anything your heart desires! She and I definately had way too much fun with these. We started out making flowers, then she made a star, some smilies, and I attempted to spell out "Pam". My first one was perfect, and then i realized that I would be reversing them onto the brownies once they were set, so I had to redo the name backwards....not so great! And of course, there had to be a palm tree, which my daughter thought it would be neat to stand up in the buttercream icing!

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