Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'll Dip Anything in chocolate...well, almost anything!

So last night and this morning, I was playing around in the kitchen with a few fun ideas. I was melting chocolate left and right! I dug out some wooden skewers I had laying around and impailed some marshmallows on them, and then, of course, brought on the chocolate!!!
While I was waiting for the chocolate to melt down, however, i whipped up a batch of rice krispie treats so that I could continue my chocolate dipping experiment in a part two session in the morning, after they had set overnight.

So, when the kids were settled and playing together after breakfast, I created some fun stuff with the rice krispie treats! I even brought out the Marine Corps mold and was elated when I saw it would lay perfectly on a RK treat cut out with one of my round cookie cutters! I had way to much fun with this!
Thankfully, a friend of mine up the street called me and invited me over for lunch. Although the lunch date didn't work out, I told her I'd stop by in the afternoon with some goodies! I brought a plateful of marshmallows & rice krispie treats for her and the family! She mentioned I could bring over goodies ANYTIME!

Boy, is she going to regret telling me that! Hmmmm, what can I make tonight???????

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