Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baking Baking Baking!

I have been on a baking kick the past few days. Probably because I have company coming and I should be cleaning instead!!!

My middle 2 helped me make some yummy donuts! I got the recipe from my friend Alaina, which she got here. I used the glaze with that recipe, and then found a chocolate glaze recipe here that I wanted to try. The chocolate didn't get as high of ratings as the original glaze from my family. But it was all still yummy! The recipe made about 3 dozen donuts and I made the donut holes as well.
THEN.... I made some Mega Monster Cookies that my very creative (2nd) cousin posted on her blog. If you get a chance, you MUST check out her blog. She has some amazing recipes you HAVE to try. I grew up on a lot of them, and the others are just so great! I haven't tried a recipe I haven't likes YET! Plus, her two little boys are THE cutest things EV-ER!

The kids were very good about eating their supper, which was Feta Cheese & Bacon Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Which I also got from my cousin. THEN, as soon as their last bite was gone, they all ran for a mega monster cookies! You can see how much fun they were to eat!!!

After that, I made some cinnamon rolls, which you can find a to-die-for recipe here. I didn't get pics of those! My first pan disappeared at breakfast this morning, and the other two are in the freezer waiting for our company!

Let me know if you try these out! You won't be disappointed!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Belly Shower Cake

Okay, I think this was my favorite cake to make... to date! I made this for a very dear friend who is due to have a sweet precious baby in July!

Aren't pregnant bellies just the cutest?