Sunday, April 27, 2008

Little Mermaid Cupcake Cake

Here is a Little Mermaid cupcake cake I made for a gal I know on base. Her daughter was having a pool party so what easier way to have cake then have a cupcake cake! No plates, no knives, no forks...just grab one and go!
I used a plastic Ariel cake topper and just piped on her mermaid tail? (is that what it's called!?)
I was pretty happy with how it turned out...I was sort of dreading having to freehand Ariel, but was so excited when I found I had the topper.
The cupcake cake is made up of 24 marble cake cupcakes and buttercream icing.
Happy Birthday Eilish!


Anonymous said...

Very cute cupcake cake!

Toby Williams said...

where did you find the cake topper. i have to make an ariel cupcake cake and would love to know how you did all this.