Saturday, November 29, 2008

Operation: Baking GALS, Team Ugly Angel Round 5

Operation: Baking GALS (Give a Little Support) is a blog group that teams up to mail home baked goodies to our troops each month.

My team, TEAM UGLY ANGEL, hosted a Marine last round and had a fabulous turnout! This round, I have another Marine who is also a very good friend of ours.

Captain Tom GibbonsCapt. Gibbons is on the far right

Tom is currently stationed at Al Asad, Iraq. He's a CH-53D helicopter pilot with HMH-363, the Red Lions. Their mission is to transport "beans, bullets & bandaids" to the surrounding military bases in Iraq.

Tom is getting close to completing his 7 month deployment, and should be home in January. During his deployment, he missed the birth of his first child. Little Tommy Jr. Luckily, he was able to see him soon after he was born via web cam. His new wife and baby are back home with her family until Tom returns home.

If you would like to join Team Ugly Angel and send some goodies to Captain Gibbons, go to the Baking GALS website, register, and then click on Join a Round 5 Team, scroll down to Team Ugly Angel, and join us! There are lots of tips on the FAQ page, so take the time to look around the website.

Once you join the team, I will send out the mailing info and any additional supplies or requests that Captain Gibbons has.

We are shipping packages between December 5th-18th, so that the packages will arrive before Christmas.

I know December is a busy time for all of us, but let's remember the troops in Iraq who have to spend the holidays away from their loved ones. Let's help make this holiday extra special for them by baking special holiday treats!

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