Thursday, August 7, 2008

Little Black Box

I received my "Little Black Box" today in the mail! I was so excited to get it! If you aren't familiar with "Little Black Box", it's a company that sends out samples from all kinds of online retailers who sell handmade products. It gives you an opportunity to try out a wide variety of products from the retailers before you go and order from them.

The boxes are available every month, with different items in each month's box!

In my July Box, I received:

Embroidered Luggage Handle Wrap from BINHOG
*My favorite Item*

Body Frosting & Bath Cream from Chunky Butt Candle & Bath Co.

A mini bar of soap from Soap Sushi

Apple Drop Doggie Treat from Unique Treat Dog Bones

Greeting Card from Wendy Condrad Art

A Hand dyed scarf from Made With Loving Hands

Tissue Cover from Midnight Creations

Train Earrings from Always Amy

Thank You mini card from Tags & Buttons

Bath Bomb from Kreations by Kathie

Art Bookmark from Diana Crites Gallery

Mini Face Scrubby from Eclecticrafts

Flower Pendant from Designs by Tami

Perfume Sample from Nocturne Alchemy

Body Lotion from Mrs. Sterlings

It was fun for me and my kids to take turns and each pull out a sample and look at it, smell it, or try it on!

I also just sent in several samples of my Cupcake Cuppies to Little Black Box for the month of August! So go check it out and get your promo box today! Because who doesn't like to get fun surprises in the mail!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Can I just give props to whoever came up with the name "Chunky butt candle & bath co" That's awesome and I'd buy something JUST b/c I love the name!