Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm Going Green!

I'm trying to do my part, and going green a little bit at a time.

A friend of mine started a new business and asked me to help her out. She joined Melaleuca, a company that sells all natural and safe products for cleaning, bath and body, weight loss, and nutrition. They also have kids products, pet products, and much, much more!

I started out by purchasing the Eco-Sense Home Conversion Pack which includes all the basic cleaning supplies for your home and bathrooms, along with all the laundry cleaning products you could need!
A lot of the products come concentrated so you get 3-5x more out of them compared to store bought products, which, by they way, have so many harmful chemicals in them. Plus, you save a ton of money!

I have 3 kids and a dog, so I was so excited to get these products. My 4 year old son helped me fill the spray bottles (included) with the product and fill them with water. Then he helped my do a lot of cleaning. It's nice not to have to worry about them being harmful. They are so safe, that a child could consume an entire bottle of product and besides a belly ache, it would not harm them. But with a lot of the products I used to buy, many of them would be fatal if a child were to swallow it.

You can shop online 24/7 and buy direct and get the products delivered right to your door, or you can become a member and get 30%-40% off the prices! Plus, you get $100 of free products in your first 5 months!

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