Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reason #83 Why Hawaii Ain't All That...NO RHUBARB

I was so excited to see rhubarb in this week's recipe for TWD, because I love love love it! My mom has rhubarb in her garden and when I was younger, she was always making rhubarb pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, and my ultimate favorite, rhubarb coffee cake.

BUT.....i was devistated when I couldn't find any in the grocery stores here. And...I don't think substituting Poi would work too well. *sniff sniff*

Now I am really wishing I would have smuggled back a whole stash of rhubarb in our cooler full of Iowa beef and pork when we came back home this past month.

So instead of making a yummy rhubarb dessert, I focused on making my own baby food for my 7 month old daughter. I bought a hand mixer (Hamilton Beach $12 at Wal-Mart) and pureed sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans. I had some pears I wanted to make as well, but they will have to ripen a couple more days before they are ready! Had I known how easy this was to make my own baby food, I would have started a little earlier, AND would have made it for my son when he was younger!

Here is a great resource my friends and I use. They have EXCELLENT tips and recipes for all kinds of fruits and vegetable! Oh, and even teething biscuits, which I will hopefully be attempting next week!


Jess said...

I love Wholesome Baby Food! I didn't make much of my daughter's baby food, but I still found it to be such a great resource for starting different foods, snack ideas, etc. Sorry you didn't find rhubarb - the trials of living in Hawaii!

allison said...

Rhubarb is great. I was lucky to travel to my parents' house this week where there is plenty of rhubarb in the back yard. I'm planning to smuggle some back with me.

Michelle H said...

That stinks. That was one reason I didn't like living in Hawaii, lots of food items are near impossible to find.

Arizona and California also has no rhubarb. :o(

Dolores said...

Sorry you missed out on the cobbler this week.

aaliyah said...

Your not alone...I missed rhubarb season, apparently it is really quick here in Lebanon lol. You blink and it's gone.

That is wonderful to make your own baby food. A lot of the women here do that and it still amazes me. Have no clue why really, it just does lol.

I look forward to your post next week!

mhutchins said...

Hey, my name is Megan I noticed that you enjoyed to bake as well. I love baking cupcakes and thought you might enjoy some of my recipes. Check out my blog and see what you think! :)