Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love shopping online!

I'm earning cash back for shopping online and you can too!

Living in Hawaii, as wonderful as it may be, I still miss a lot of certain stores that aren't available here....mostly, Target! Also being in Hawaii, a lot of stores raise their prices higher than those on the mainland to make up for the shipping costs they have to pay to get their products out here.

So I do a lot of online shopping. Baking supplies, clothes, specialty items, etc.

This site I joined for FREE has tons of stores you can shop in, that give you a percentage back on what you spend!!!

You also have access to special online sales, as well as games to play with cash prizes, and other great products you can win.

It's called:


Click on Join for free and start earning cash back when you shop online! The money you earn back can be put directly in a paypal account.

Some of the stores are:
Target 7.7%
Macy's 4.4%
JCPenney 4.4% 5.5%
And hundreds more...

If you shop online, why not start earning cash back on what you spend anyways!


smart shopper said...

thanks for the tip. I'll try it out for myself :)

Lisa said...

I too love online shopping and always save much money.