Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthdays Galore!

My baby girl turned 1 year old yesterday. We had some friends over for a "Ladybug" party! Instead of making a big birthday cake, I made ladybug cupcakes.

And for the birthday girl, I made a #1 ladybug themed smash cake!
Aren't smash cakes fun?
I even wrapped up some of my yummy sugar cookies shaped as ladybugs for guest favors!
One other thing I made, was the cake balls. I had so much cake scraps from all the baking I've done this past week, that it was time for some cake balls. So I poured some Amaretto coffee creamer in a bowl of cake scraps, scooped them into balls and froze them. Dipped them in red chocolate, then sprinkled them with mini chocolate chips. They somewhat resembled ladybugs, or atleast carried out the theme! They sure didn't last long!

The day before, I made another Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake for a friend's son's birthday. He is turning 2! I made a matching #2 smash cake for him, but have lost that picture?!



Ladners'Latest said...

I love me some cake balls!

Julie said...

Wow, nice ladybug cupcakes and cookies for a very, very cute 1 year old little girl. Nice work!!!

Kimberly Johnson said...

Everything is beautiful! I love that cupcake stand! Where did you find it?

~Kimberly said...

The cupcake stand is from "At Home America" I believe.

Tammy said...

Wow, they look awesome!!! and your wee girl is too cute for words!

TeaLady said...

Great cuppies. Cute kiddo.

Stephanie said...

Sorry you missed TWD - BUT! I absolutely HAD to comment on your cakes besides the fact that they are ADORABLE. But, the funny part is that both cakes had the names of my youngest two kiddos :) My daughter, who will be four at the end of the month is named Addison (still an uncommon it!) and Andrew is my three year old son :) Just had to comment!!

AmyRuth said...

Wow, icing her icing everywhere? You have been a busy baker. Your birthday girl is adorable and I love your cakes, cookies and cupcakes. So fun and happy.
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...