Monday, March 31, 2008

My First Blog

So I'm starting up my own blog. I'm not sure what all i want to include in this cakes, cookies, and other goodies for sure, maybe a little of everything. Funny story, i started a blog the other night, but when I tried to go back and add to it, i had no idea how to access it. And yes, i clicked on the link to send the info to my email...never showed up, so i don't know what i managed to do. It was really late when i started that blog, so who knows what i did.

I just received my chocolate dipped oreo molds in the mail today. As much as I'd like to fire up the ol' stove and start melting some chocolate (the oreos are waiting patiently in the cupboard), I know i'll regret that as soon as things get rolling. I'm already tired, but wanted to post my first blog tonight.

I also talked to the owner of a new company i want to get involved in. I heard about it on a discussion forum and looked into it, loved it, and couldn't find out information fast enough! I wanted in! I exhausted all my internet searches trying to learn more about it while i waited to hear back from the company. So, after talking with the owner today over the phone, i am even more excited to get started. The only disappointment is that since we are in Hawaii, she has to work out a few things so that things will go smoothly. Shipping, certain products, chocolates mainly, but she says she WILL get it to work out. I just need to hang out a few months until she can get it figured out. So, stay tuned for those updates!
I would be an instructor and go to my hostess's homes and do a hands on demonstration of cake decorating, cookie frosting, bouquets, chocolate molding, dipping, etc....there are over 30 different classes i could teach. You use certain products that can be ordered at the end of the 'party'. It's a small direct sales business. There are so many ways to sell the products that it should be fun switching things up a little and earning money along the way!

Ok, its off to bed.