Sunday, May 17, 2009

Red White & Blue Cupcakes & A Little Cupcake Experiment

In lieu of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, I decided to have a little fun with some cupcakes! I wanted to make them red, white and blue!!! Some friends and I are getting together tonight, so I thought I'd try them out!

I made up some white cake batter, and then divided it into thirds. Using food coloring, I colored one third of the batter red, one third blue, and then left the last third white.

Once the cupcake liners were in place, I started dropping a spoonful of blue batter at the bottom of each liner. Shaking down the pan so that it was level and covered the bottoms of the liners. Next, I dropped in a spoonful of the plain white batter. Again, shaking it down so it was level. Last, I spooned in the red batter. This should fill up the liners to about 1/4 - 1/3 from the top or so.

They went into the oven, cooled, were topped with buttercream and some fun patriotic sprinkles, and voila! I loved how they turned out!
As for the experiment.... after Easter, I found some mini Cadbury Chocolate eggs! Yum! I wondered what they would be like in a cupcake? I would have really liked to have made them with chocolate cupcakes, but since I had a little white cake batter left over from my red, white and blue cupcakes, I decided to just try it out to see how they melt!

I topped them with with my usual buttercream icing and sprinkled the tops with chocolate shavings.

The cadbury eggs sunk to the bottom, even after waiting for the cupcakes to bake a few minutes in the oven before dropping them in. But I'm sure they will still be super yummy! But think of how much better they would be in chocolate cupcakes?!?!


  1. Those red, white and blue cupcakes look absolutely yummy!

  2. Both cupcakes look amazing!! I'm so glad you posted the red white and blue cupcakes - they're a great idea for Memorial Day parties!

  3. Ok, no more yummy baking until I get back! Red white and blue ones look GREAT!

  4. I do not know if it will work for candy in batter, but for cakes laden with heavy fruit or nuts, I have always tossed the fruit or nuts in a bit of the flour first (or if using cake mix, dry cake mix). Just toss lightly to coat. It keeps the fruit or nuts from racing to the bottom.

    Sorry, meant to say this first, but thanks for the tips on the red, white and blue. I was trying to decide whether or not to do a swirl or layer and you helped me decide to layer the colors. Your beautiful pics make me want cupcakes today, but I guess I can wait a few more days:).